Arcopedico L14 Navy

  • $98.00

Arcopedico L14 collection has Arcopedicos patented twin arch support system which will sustain the arch of the foot and will not break down. Lytech® material is machine washable in warm water and air dry, which means you never have to worry about shoes getting dirty. Lytech® material will fit to any shape of foot which means they are great for those who have bunions, hammertoes or misshaped feet.

Only Arcopedico uses this new Lytech® material for footwear making this range of footwear very unique. Biocalce certified to be environmentally friendly which is good for the environment. Lytech® material is water resistant and yet breathable keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Material is lightweight so it feels like there is nothing on your feet. This collection of footwear is pack-able and makes a great travel shoe. The shoes take up very little room and look great when you take them out. NAVY. Free US Shipping